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Red Hot Song Library: Cumulative Songs - Sarah Watts

Cover for Red Hot Song Library Cumulative Songs
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Songbooks
Published By: Hal Leonard
Item Code: 1450421


Product Description:

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Red Hot Song Library, an amazing resource to help teachers introduce singing that is fun, relaxed and successful.

Cumulative Songs contains songs that can go on building ... and building ... and building until you all go mad! Play through the books or listen to the CDs, which include both practice and performance tracks, and you’ll hear just why so many educational professionals embrace Sarah Watts’ music with such enthusiasm. The score in the book is presented in piano and voice format.


1) I like to ballroom dance
2) An Austrian went yodeling
3) Dashing away with a smoothing iron
4) Ten in the bed
5) Menu song
6) Bingo!
7) Mind the gap!
8) One finger, one thumb
9) Last night’s pizza
10) I am a music man
11) When I first came to this land
12) Oh how I’d like to be a cuckoo
13) I saw a monster in the garden
14) The ants went marching
15) Jelly, Jelly in my belly!
16) There’s a hole in my bucket
17) Only ten days to go
18) One man went to mow
19) Rocking rhythms
20) Widdecombe fair

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