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Red Hot Song Library: Chants and Music Games - Sarah Watts

Cover for Red Hot Song Library Chants And Music Games
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Songbooks
Published By: Hal Leonard
Item Code: 1450423

Bestseller CD

Product Description:

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Red Hot Song Library, an amazing resource to help teachers introduce singing that is fun, relaxed and successful.

Chants and Music Games contains songs that have lots of actions and bucketfuls of fun! Play through the books or listen to the CDs, which include both practice and performance tracks, and you’ll hear just why so many educational professionals embrace Sarah Watts’ music with such enthusiasm. The score in the book is presented in piano and voice format.


1) I will pass this shoe
2) Let me see you Boogaloo!
3) My aunt came back
4) Old man jazz
5) Penguins
6) Everywhere we go
7) I like to ballroom dance
8) Minding my business
9) I can hear my name
10) Hang about
11) Pass it round
12) Time to change
13) Forty years on an iceberg
14) Offbeat
15) Who dunnit?
16) Charlie over the ocean
17) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Once I caught a fish alive)
18) Going on a lion hunt
19) Who stole the cookies?
20) I am slowly going crazy

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