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Game Songs With Professor Dogg's Troupe - Harriet Powell (Book/CD)

Cover for Game Songs With Professor Doggs Troupe
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Songbooks
Published By: Hal Leonard
Item Code: 9781408194430

Bestseller CD

Product Description:

44 songs and games with activities for age range 3-7 years, ideal for early years and early stages classes.

Game-songs are a special type of song which invite children to make creative word and action choices while they sing. They are designed to develop literacy, social and communication skills and build young children's confidence.

The songbook contains the music, words and piano accompaniments, along with detailed guidelines on how to use the book (helpful notes are also included alongside each game/song). The CD contains all the songs and demonstrates the flexibility of game-songs and their power to inspire creativity in young children. No music reading is required.


1) Say Hello
2) How Do You Do?
3) Bash and Bang Band
4) Bandleader
5) Weíre Going To Make A Circus
6) Come To The Party
7) Musicless Chairs
8) Make A Face
9) Keep Your Face Straight
10) When A Dinosaurís Feeling Hungry
11) Yummy Corners
12) Creep Up
13) Burglar
14) Act In Song
15) Knee Boxing
16) Finger Sword Fighting
17) Be A Clown
18) Walking Through The Jungle
19) Body Patterns
20) Magic Statues
21) Crying Song
22) Rhyming Name Song
23) Clap Clap Game
24) Dice Song
25) Colour Song
26) Colour Collecting
27) Keep On Dancing
28) Bendy Toy
29) Clay Modelling
30) Make A Cake
31) Monster Stomp
32) One Two Three
33) Iíve Got A Body
34) Drawing Faces
35) Mistletoe
36) We Can Do Anything
37) Ape
38) Weather Song
39) Sound Song
40) Storytelling
41) Down On The Farm
42) On Christmas Day
43) Cumulative Words
44) Say Goodbye

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