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How To Blitz! Sight Reading Beginner

Cover for How To Blitz Sight Reading Beginner
Media Type: Book [Softcover]
Media/Arrangement: Ear Training and Sight Reading
Published By: BlitzBooks Publications
Item Code: BLTSRB

Product Description:

How To Blitz! Sight Reading For Beginners is a prequel to Book 1. It is written for musicians who are just starting out in their Piano careers and is designed to create a love of sight reading, through the fabulous ‘key sticker’ reward system.
The book presents three sight-reading concepts and a test in each of the ten levels, drilling rhythm reading and note and pattern recognition. By the end of Beginner Level 10, students will have a strong foundation of sight reading skills and will be ready to blitz their way through Books 1, 2 and 3!

Series: BlitzBooks
Genre: Theory
Publisher: BlitzBooks Publications
First published: 2019
ISBN: 9781877011870


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