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Minibeast Christmas, A: Junior Spotlight Series - By Pam Wedgwood and Debbie Needle
Based on a Key Stage 1 science topic, A Minibeast Christmas is a variation on the traditional Christmas story. It is told from a rather unusual viewpoint - that of the minibeasts in the stable who find themselves the first to witness the miracle of Jesus' birth. Gentle humour, optional percussion and catchy unison songs characterise this light-hearted musical.
Prices from: £16.99
Christmas Cobweb, The: Junior Spotlight Series - By Pam Wedgwood and Debbie Needle
The Christmas Cobweb by Pam Wedgwood and Debbie Needle depicts the nativity scene from the comfort of a modern day living room. Travel back in time to the birth of Jesus and discover how a tiny creature made a great contribution on that important day. This is a charming magical story with memorable unison songs and optional percussion for Key Stage 1.
Prices from: £16.99
Tam Lin: Junior Spotlight Series - By Lin Marsh
Tam Lin is a scottish folk tale telling the story of Janet and the handsome Tam Lin. Tam Lin tells Janet he is bewitched, the result of a spell cast by a Fairy Queen, which can only be broken by a young maiden on Halloween night. Janet bravely succeeds in her task and together they escape the Fairy Queen and return to her Father's castle where they are happily wed.
Prices from: £16.99
Nativity Nightmares!: Junior Spotlight Series - By Sheila Wilson
Sheila Wilson's Nativity Nightmares! explores another side of the school nativity, understood only by those trying to rally the cast into some semblance of Christmas cheer. This musical, perfect for Key stage 2 children, is a funny, quirky twist on the traditional Nativity play certain to entertain. As always, Sheila's catchy melodies and genius lyrics will inspire children to perform at their best and the originality and amusement of this alternative theme will guide teachers and parents through yet another Christmas play. Nativity Nightmares! features nine catchy songs with opportunities for part-singing, hand-jiving and even teacher involvement - this is a sure-fire hit for Key Stage 2!
Prices from: £18.99
Along Came Man: Junior Spotlight Series - By Lin Marsh
Along Came Man is a thought-provoking cantata about the world we live in, with an ecological theme. One of Lin Marsh's best-loved works - now available in a new edition with CD - it is mainly unison with some two and three-part singing. The cantata lends itself well to the addition of movement, but is equally effective performed as a concert piece.
Prices from: £16.99
Toy Box and Penny the Raindrop: Junior Spotlight Series - By Lin Marsh
This collection of songs is guaranteed to capture the imagination. Toy Box is a set of seven fun action songs about robots, trains, kites and dressing-up. Penny the Raindrop is a delightful cantata with narration telling the story of the water cycle, through the eyes of a raindrop.
Prices from: £12.99
Prodigal Rock: Junior Spotlight Series - By Sheila Wilson
Prodigal Rock is a musical for Key Stage 2 and is published as part of the Spotlight Series. This modern re-telling of the parable of the prodigal son delivers an important message with humour and fun. Incorporating citizenship themes throughout, the eight catchy songs will delight Year 6 (Scottish P7) leavers who will love to perform it, and may well astound with their prolific part-singing, hand-jiving and Kazoo playing!
Prices from: £18.99

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